24. juni 2006

give me a break

I’ve started some holiday planning. It’s still a month till we’ll take off, but one has to be prepared… Here are some things I will be putting in my suitcase – unless something even more tempting shows up in the near future:
1) Zadie Smith: Om skjønnhet
2) Colm Toibin:
3) Michail Bulgakov: Mesteren og Margarita
4) Carolyn Parkhurst:
Babels hunder*
5) Virginia Woolf: En uskrevet roman

6) Kate Atkinson: Behind the Scenes of the Museum*

*) These are books I know nothing about, not even why I planned to read them…
A quick summing up gave me the result of 100 pages pr. day – this is what I’ll have to work through if I don’t make a false start… right now I'm in the middle of Ishiguro’s
When we were orphans, which I really love – so I might have to exchange some of the books on my holiday list with more Ishiguro?

And I did also plan to read some art history and aesthetics... There is only one possible solution:

extra holiday week(s)!

2 kommentarer:

femiknitter sa...

Me, I am working my way through an anthology called "Japan foteller" - ed. Reiko Abe Auestad (U of Oslo) - and getting the best of Japanese prose from the 19th century and onwards. I started off with Murakami last year, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. What is it about Japanese prose and cats? I am sure someone wrote something about it. (Have not checked that out yet).

A bit under the weather this weekend - caught some naughty throat virus. Kids departure delayed until tomorrow morning - I am spending a lot of time reading under the duvé anyway... I am working my way through the thesis of my friend Anne - on hypermedia (from a phenomenological stand point - and film theory). Will fill you in on that later.

Anonym sa...

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