20. februar 2006

Henrik Ibsen

2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Henrik Ibsen. And we should therefore ask: Why is Ibsen still important? Right now the best arguments seems to come from feminist theorists like Toril Moi. While waiting for her book: Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism: Art, Theater, and Philosophy, we can spend some time with the latest NIKK magasin which focuses on gender analyses of his plays.

7. februar 2006

self portrait tuesday

It sometimes seems like my life without me would be the most accurate depiction of me - . Today’s choice of self portrait is inspired by the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson: “We always want to work with our brains, but we must be available and let our sensitivity direct us when we are looking at a work of art, as if we’re surfing on a wave. We must be open, open, open to what it gives us”. I like his wave metaphor; it makes me think of one of my great heroes, Virginia Woolf. Anyway, here it is, not necessarily all of me, but maybe a possible depiction of the emotional me on a self-portrait Tuesday?
Doug Aitken: still from Electric Earth, 1999.