22. januar 2006

Brooklyn Follies

I have been reading Paul Auster’s books for many years, starting with his New York trilogy around 1988. I must admit I haven’t been as impressed by his latest works as I was by the trilogy. And I wonder; is it me changing as a reader, or is it him having lost something?
His last book, The Brooklyn Follies I don’t even seem to manage finishing. It has a lot of nice minor stories, but the major plot? The narrator is commenting on the narration, and by this constructing some kind of meta-fiction, but this is nothing like the things Auster used to do. I do absolutely not like to put a half read novel away, but I think I’ll have to do it now, unless someone can give me a really good reason to continue – a reason which quite disappointingly doesn’t seem to be found in the book itself.

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